Cooking with Jill O'Brien - How to Braise a Buffalo Chuck Roast

In this video, Jill will step you through her techniques using apple cider as your braising liquid to create two wonderful meals!

Order Chuck Roast!

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  • I just followed your recipe Jill for cooking the chuck Roast and it was perfect! Had a dinner party for family that had not ever tasted Buffalo! All were beyond impressed and loved it!! Time to order more chuck roasts and impress the next group!!

    Joann Wainscott
  • Jill, thought you might need a good chuckle! My husband finally made this roast and said he was going to use this recipe. Fast forward , I came home to the very strong smell of vinegar . He told me the recipe called for Apple cider vinegar. My comment was okay….🤷🏻‍♀️ The roast was delicious!!!. Days later I looked at that recipe and it said Apple Cider , not vinegar! 😂😂😂😂😂. Of course I would not suggest this swap. Roast was perfect, did not taste like vinegar, but the vegetables did! LOL.

  • Yum! Perfect for roasting during our last spring blizzard!


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