English Roast with Orange Rosemary Butter

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  • Hi Karla. Thank you so much for sharing the buffaLoVe! All ovens are a bit different… I do not have a solid answer for you, but I would follow the directions as is and modify thereafter if needed. Thanks again!

    Jill OBrien
  • A friend of mine hadn’t eaten red meat in 50-odd years. He tried the Wild Idea roast I had cooked with your recipe and wants to make it a regular part of his diet.
    My question: I have an ancient gas oven that takes almost an hour to reach 500 degrees. The roast comes out beautifully and perfectly rare after I roast it according to your directions. Is there a difference in cooking time between a gas oven and an electric one? His oven takes a very long time to cool off. Thank you for your advice — and for this great recipe!

  • I had to share my plans… I’m putting my English roast in my small convection oven … heating g fir 7 minutes, and wrapping up my oven driving down the road 2 hours to my Cree Indian teacher… WAHLAA cooked and ready roast!

    I’ll let you know hiw this turns out!… I have a good feeling m! Oh and mashed potatoes in the instapot, easy still hot with pressure still on upon departure!.

    Donna Hohman
  • Mary – My oven too has a fan – it has not been an issue. I would follow the instructions or you could unplug your oven. Good luck. jill

  • For the English Roast recipe: My oven has a fan that runs until the oven is cool to protect the electronics. I’m afraid it won’t retain enough heat to finish cooking the roast. I might try turning it down to 150 instead of off. Do you think that might work?

    Mary Shaw
  • So I don’t know if I have a very heat efficient oven or what, but I used a leave-in digital meat thermometer and set it to alert me when the roast reached 125 degrees (rare to med rare) and it only took 17 min after shutting off the heat. Two hours seemed like a really long time for only 1.5 lbs of boneless meat. Even with the oven off. It turned out delicious though!

  • Great roast recipe! Came out delicious and family loved it!

    Denise Gurrera Myers
  • I could not imagine this could possibly even work when I saw the recipe called for only 7 minutes cooking with the oven on and 2 hours with oven off with the door closed. I was so sure I would screw it up. Ha. But I figured Jill knows what she’s talking about! Oh my glad how happy I am that I trusted the process! That was the most delicious elegant roast. And so small and dainty and yet plenty of feed a small dinner party. Absolutely wonderful. I’m hooked and yay — more in the fridge for tomorrow!

    Allison Anders
  • Barbara – Leave the roast uncovered. As for following the Roast Chicken recipe , I have not tried that with the English roast, so I can not give you solid advice on that. Theoretically – it seems like that would work, although dropping your 15 minute hot cooking time down to 7 minutes due to poundage adjustment.

  • QUESTION: Do I, after the roasting at 500 for 7 minutes put the lid on the pot for the two hours in the oven with the heat turned off OR do I leave it uncovered?

    I roast chicken according to Jill’s directions. After the initial roasting for 15 minutes, those directions call for adding liquid and covering the pot, continue at the high temp for a short time, and then turning off the oven and leaving the chicken (covered) in the oven for two hours. Can the English roast be treated the same way?

    Barbara Tabbert
  • First-time results with the English Roast in an Instapot…We followed the above prep instructions (olive oil, onion powder, salt, pepper) and let the Instapot go for 40 minutes. It was probably too long, as there was no pink left at all. However, it was still good tasting. My husband sliced it thinly with an electric knife. I tried it with a tad of goat cheese with each bite – which I liked. Next time, we’ll cook it less. Still tasted good!! :-)

    Cynthia Gooch
  • Sherri – I have not yet prepared this roast in a crock pot – but my best “guessamendation” would be to season as desired, add a bit of broth and cook for about 4 hours on medium to medium low. Let me know how it goes. Thank you!

  • Any ideas on cooking this roast in crockpot?

    Sherri Gilliland
  • This recipe is a winner! I had my doubts about the rosemary-orange butter, but it truly added another dimension to the roast. I’m definitely making this again!

    Sue Peterson
  • I tried this recipe last night with a couple of minor adaptations. My husband, who likes all things Wild Idea, said this was the best thing I have ever made from Wild Idea! It was quite easy. It just required planning ahead so it has plenty of time to sit and then to roast (while I read a book). It was tender and so flavorful. Thanks to all of you.

    Linda Nelson

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