Baby Bison Calves!

The prairie isĀ awakenedĀ inĀ all of its Spring glory, complete with the songs of the returningĀ migratory birds, the now lush green grass, peppered with wild flowers, and new baby bison calves!

Wish You Were Here

Last fall, we had the great pleasure of hosting singers-songwriters Eliza Blue and Chuck Suchy for filming theĀ PBS s...

Sous Vide Lessons

Lately, I've been receiving emails for tips on using the sous-vide cooking method. I will admit that I am a novice user, but in an effort to better guide you, I dove back in, so I could provide you with tried & true sous vide cooking tips, using Wild Idea's 100% grass-fed/finished bison meat. Ā 

Humane Harvestsā€”Part Two

No tears were shed by any little boys on that day. Bonds were built. Friendship prevailed. Gratitude was given by all. Death was beautiful.

Those Sneaky GMOs

At Wild Idea, we believe that having honestĀ conversations around our food supply is important. There are many facets ...

Health & Wellness Trends 2023

At the turn of each new year, I reevaluate my personal health and make a resolution to try a little harder, do a little better. And turning 60 this year has me taking an even closer look. Being healthy has always been a roller coaster for me...

Why Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished?

Ruminant stomachs areĀ notĀ designed by nature to digest high volumes of starch and grains. As grazers, buffalo and beef cattle are unable toĀ safely consume and metabolize grains and corn feed.

Meat With a Side of Cortisol

Our Food Supply More than 90% of cattleĀ and buffaloĀ in the U.S. are sent to feedlots and slaughterhouses. The process...

Humane Harvestsā€”Part One

We all have memories of the past that we use as a gauge for determining good times and bad times. Naturally, we miss ...
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