Poetry Contest 2022

It's National Poetry Month, so it's time to bring out your inner poet for our annual Free-Style Poetry Contest! And... this year we are offering three prizes! Here's how our contest works: Submit your original poem in the comment section below by noon, Wednesday April 27th.

Buffalo, River Crossings & Grasslands

In the fall of 2003 we moved our buffalo onto the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands for the first time, after 125 years of their absence. Even though we have repeated this every year since, it never gets old or looses it's emotion. 

The BS Of Our Food Supply

Recently the New York Times released a three-part video series titled “We’re Cooked”. If you didn’t see it, the links to the series and other articles that we reviewed for reference are located at the bottom of this post.  Here are some highlights.

Honoring Gervase Hittle

In the spring of 1971, Gervase Hittle, an English & French Literature Professor at the University of South Dakota met and became good friends with one of his graduate students, Dan O’Brien. 51 years later, their friendship remains. 

A Family's Experience & Testimonial

This past summer on their family vacation to western South Dakota, they booked a tour of the ranch. The day of their tour the temperature reached 110°. It didn’t curb their enthusiasm or charm. We received the following essays and video as a thank you. As you will read and see, they were an easy group to fall in love with. What a wonderful gift!

Native American Heritage Day

Today is Native American Heritage Day. A day to pay tribute to the heritage, culture and contributions of the Native people. 

An American Thanksgiving

For sure there are many dishes that have become iconic American, and perhaps there is no meal that is more that then Thanksgiving, although not necessarily authentic from its origin.

Beauty & Buffalo In The Great Plains

Over the past month at the ranch and throughout the Great Plains areas that we have traveled, we have all stated "Oh my God - it's so beautiful!". I thought I would share some photos with you of the changing landscape over the last three weeks, taken on my walks or drives, and transport you to the prairie grasslands.

Our Food Our Future

Today is World Food Day and this year's theme is Our Actions are our Future. Putting an emphasis on “The food you choose and the way you consume it affects our health and that of our planet.”

Traditional Native American Buffalo Harvests

A couple of weeks ago, traditional Native American Buffalo Harvests took place on Wild Idea Buffalo Company producers ranches. It was a wonderful experience and day for all. We are honored to be a part of our area Native American communities and to work alongside them, learning and growing, and building bridges together through the American Buffalo. 

This & That

The seasonal change always has everyone on the move, adjusting to the new fall schedules. Here's what the family behind Wild Idea has been up to. 

A Labor of Love

Flash forward twenty years and now Jilian, along with Colton are teaching their own boys about eating sustainably and knowing where food comes from and how it's raised. Of course there has always been the buffalo meat and Colton is an avid hunter & fisherman, but Jilian insisted that eating clean would carry through to all of the food they consumed. Once she new there would be children they ramped it up even further.   
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