Behind the Scenes: A Conversation with Dan O'Brien & Allie Byrd

Meet the remarkable individuals behind Wild Idea as founder Dan O'Brien and newest field-harvest specialist Allie Byrd share their unique stories. Dan and Allie are from different backgrounds but have a common mission: To make a difference in the meat industry through compassionate animal welfare practices and humane field harvests.

Raw Deal

During my recent meeting with investigative journalist Chloe Sorvino, the Forbes expert leading coverage of food, drink, and agriculture, we delved into her latest book, Raw Deal. This eye-opening exposé sheds light on the flaws within the U.S. meat industry, highlighting issues in our country’s food system.


On the northern edge of this ranch are a couple thousand acres of level grassland.They are part of a larger open area known as Phiney Flat. The homesteaders of the late 18th and early 19th centuries took one look at the wild, level ground and imagined prosperous farms like those owned by the royals and wealthy landowners of their home countries—Scandinavia, Ireland, Germany, or Bohemia. They might not have noticed that they were surrounded by a bird paradise, with perhaps 200 ground-nesting species, birds drawn by the same sea of grass that the immigrants were attracted to.

Consider The Monarch

On the Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch, we do some pretty big things to regenerate the prairie grasslands, but this is not the extent of our conservation efforts. We also do smaller things, such as planting flowers and plants for the pollinators.

Our Bison Impact: Making a Positive Ecological Change

Wild Idea Buffalo Company is grounded in soil health, returning the American bison to their native homeland to keep our prairies intact and to protect threatened grasslands. Following nature’s lead, our bison grazing management are key to healthy ecosystems, a healthy planet, and a healthy product.

Doctor's Orders

This week, I established care with a new physician. He asked the usual questions about medications, exercise, stress, and sleep—though we spent most of our time discussing food and its impact on our health.According to my doctor, the number one thing you can do for your mental and physical well-being is to follow these 10 Food Commandments.

Sweet Corn vs Corn

If you are a sweet corn lover, you won't want to miss this post. Complete with three sweet corn recipes, and some food for thought facts on field corn and sweet corn. 


By the time I was old enough to pedal my bicycle to the outskirts of our little Ohio town, the wildness was almost go...

River Ranch Diary – August 2023

Lately my thoughts have run toward the origin story of the buffalo as told by the Indigenous tribes of the Great Plains of North America. In that story, when both the two-legged and the four-legged beings emerged from their cave into the light, they pledged, one to the other, to care and provide for one another forever. And thus, they prospered until the invasion of and movement across their land of the Anglo-Europeans began.
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