Calving Season Fulfillment Pause - April 22nd - May 4th

It is a super exciting time of year here on the prairie - our buffalo have come back across the Cheyenne River and the snow has provided the ranch with good moisture just in time for calving season!

Spring 2024 Poetry Contest Winners

We absolutely loved reading through your entries for our spring poetry contest. You delighted us with your creativity, humor and beautiful words. The winner of this year's contest is Brian Bindon with his entry, "Deep Spring". Enjoy reading all of the winners' poems and a huge thank you to all who participated! 

Wild Idea Buffalo Co. Achieves the Prestigious Regenerative Organic Certified® Status

We are thrilled to announce that Wild Idea Buffalo has been awarded the Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC) status....

Important Conversations From the Agricultural Outlook Forum

Colton recently attended the USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum in Arlington, Virginia.  The 2024 Forum included speakers and topics spanning the agricultural industry, from climate-smart agriculture to Indigenous food practices to innovative farming practices and more. Read about his experience and his conversation with esteemed leaders in the indigenous food space.

Ground-Nesting Birds

One of the things I can still do around the ranch is take people on tours. In the summer that amounts to driving around the ranch for a few hours in an ATV a couple times a week, showing folks what we have been using our buffalo’s grazing regimen to try to regenerate the habitat to a semblance of what it was before European acquisitive agriculture took over. We talk about the early naivete that led me to believe that the task of regeneration could be completed in the lifetime of one man, how I believed, and still believe, that progress toward that goal can be measured in the number of birds that choose our ranch for their home.

Bearing Witness

There is a moment that happens during every harvest, the first shot, that never fails to take my breath from me, regardless of how many times I am fortunate enough to bear witness to it. In such a kinetic setting, where animals are on the move and constant physical exertion is required, to find such a moment of stillness was unexpected.

Soil Health

We’ve heard the buzz words around soil health: carbon sequestration, water filtration, soil aggregates, regenerative ag, microbes etc. But how many of you have ever really taken a minute to think about a microorganism? And not just one microorganism, but billions that can be found in one teaspoon of soil?

Soil Regeneration

Learn how Wild Idea's home ranch is on a trajectory focused on restoring soil health, or keeping soil healthy, which can help reverse climate change.

Ranching for Wildlife

In keeping with the theme of “ranching for wildlife,” I will focus not so much on the flora and fauna of the Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch, but on the mechanics of what we do or have done and will do to enhance the wildlife presence and use of this particular real estate.
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