Moving Buffalo For Rotational Grazing

Tuesday, August 10th, 6:00pm, outside temperature 98°. This summer has been hot and dry. The smokey haziness from afar fires have found their way into the skyline and crevices of the ranch giving many morning outlooks a doomsday feel and camouflaging the sweet aroma of the grass and sunshine.

Surrounded By Buffalo Guests

My studio is tucked into the hillside of a thousand acre pasture, without a fence around it. Over the last two weeks the buffalo have paid me several visits. I've been videoing some of my experiences that I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. And... no, it never gets old.

Erney 1940–2021

Erney Hersman is dead and the world is now a darker place. The call came in earlier this month, the ringing penetrating my dreams at four o’clock in the morning, and I waited a beat before I picked up the receiver. It was the night nurse at the rest home where Erney had been for over a year. “It was another stroke,” she said. “He passed peacefully”.

Our Name, Our Brand

We are delighted to introduce our new logo, and we also have a new website, with updated information and we hope, a more user-friendly shopping experience for you. 

Unbroken Ground

In this short film by Patagonia Provisions, learn more about the important practice of regenerative ranching and farming.

Our Positive Environmental Impact

At Wild Idea Buffalo Company, everyday is world environment day. Our mission is to "Regenerate the prairies while improving our environment and food supply by bringing back the buffalo". The family that started this whole "wild idea" explains the how and the why in this brief video. We hope you give it a watch.

Buffalo Poetry Slam

"I don’t want to complain, to gripe, or to prattle,But there’s no way in hell I’ll go back to raising cattleI’ve changed my perspective on range and on grassAnd in my firm opinion, cows are a pain in the ass..."

Making America Beautiful

Our Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch is located in the shadows of the Black Hills National Forest - our local "purple mountain majesty", about thirty miles to the west. 

Spring Returns with Snow

Spring has arrived and with it well needed moisture in the form of snow! But... we'll take it! We hope you enjoy Jill's spring time, snow photo blog.
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